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Complete web business solutions. That, in three words sums up what Aapta Solutions is all about. Regardless of whether you are a business that predominantly relies on direct and offline marketing or want to establish your online credentials employing innovative marketing techniques, Aapta has something for all and sundry. No matter how big or small your company, your budget or marketing requirement is, Aapta will tailor the services on offer accordingly. Web design to hosting, SEO to social media and security to backup our coverage is as comprehensive as it gets. And this is the website where you can get all your website or web business services and solutions at affordable rates, simple services starting from Rs. 999 to complicated web applications and websites for just Rs. 24,999/- all in one place. Explore all services from our list of exceptional solutions for you.

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WordPress Services

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Themes and plugins. These two factors dictate the fortunes of any WordPress site. A flexible theme makes it easy for the user to access a WordPress site on any device, from any location. Else you risk losing tons of smartphone users to your competition.

Customised plugins improve the overall functionality of a WordPress site, enhance security and influence SEO too. Which is why the experienced and professional developers at Aapta are best equipped to design, maintain and upgrade themes & plugins that your WordPress site cannot do without.

Be it a simple job of theme installation or backup of wordpress or even security or creating a complex website with wordpress. We at Aapta, have the best expertise to deliver your project in no time on wordpress CMS.

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Visibility. If the entire spectrum of social media marketing can be pegged down to just one word it is this. It is no mere coincidence that every day internet users spend more time on mobile friendly Apps connected to the world wide web and less browsing websites.

Plus it costs much lesser than traditional marketing and access to powerful analytical tools means results are both visible & tangible. In short there is no better place to mark your online presence than on social media. And being an experienced SEO professional, Aapta realises this fully. More visibility, more data and more leads can only mean one thing – More sales.

As our mission statement “we make your presence felt” – we offer solutions for social media marketing like no other company, and also offer you free tools for life to maintain those profile by yourself in an effective manner.

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Look up the words ‘web hosting’ on the internet and the word that gets bandied about a lot is reliable.

At Aapta we reckon that sound knowledge and understanding of a business is key to being a reliable web host. Be it shared, VPS or dedicated hosting the choice must be made by gauging the potential of a business to rapidly scale up. Likewise while adding a fancy plugin or software we check for compatibility and while unlimited bandwidth & speed is good to have, maximum possible uptime and less to no downtime is more crucial.

With efficient customer service at your beck and call, 24/7. At Aapta we do whatever is best for your website, and affordable as per your budgets.

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All encompassing is the right term to best describe the designing services of Aapta. Besides web designing and development, the team of consummate professionals at Aapta take care of even the smallest of your designing needs.

It could be redesigning the company logo or creating flyers and pamphlets for offline marketing or even making letterheads to create maximum impact on potential customers. No assignment is too big, no job is too small. At the end of the day, Aapta means business.

Design a visiting card or website or complete corporate identity with Aapta, we are here to help you no matter what you want and how small it may be.

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