4 GB Cloud Hosting (PLESK)

3,999.00 / month

Super fast and on demand cloud hosting with enterprise level SSD hard drives. Experience speed with free plesk panel and CDN by cloudflare. Unlimited domains Plesk panels.

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    Experience super fast on-demand cloud hosting with enterprise level hardware and SSD drives.

    1. 4 GB RAM.
    2. 4 TB outgoing Bandwidth.
    3. 2 cores
    4. Unlimited sites.
    5. 128 GB SSD drive space.
    6. Free PLESK control panel.
    7. Central America servers.
    8. Windows or Linux.
    9. Free cloudflare CDN
    10. Instant scalability.
    11. Free Inbound traffic.
    12. No Money back guarantee as this is a month to month service. You will get refund only when you have chosen to pay for 1 year or more.


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