Complete invoicing and Accounting Solution


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Do you want a complete web based Invoicing solution (web application) that will solve most of your daily accounting problems. Then this is a must solution for you, track all funds and expenses from one place and also create Invoices for your clients and let them pay online.

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    This is script installed on your website for complete accounting of your company funds, since this is a script installed on your server, you need to have a web hosting service purchased already and we will set it up for you at no extra cost. Also includes one year of free maintenance. This is a web based application, or you can install it in your local system.

    This solution includes following services:

    1. Invoicing service (both one time and recurring)
    2. PHP and Mysql application (web based)
    3. Add clients and company data.
    4. Add orders or sales and raise Invoice.
    5. Add products and services for automatic addition of prices in Invoices.
    6. Track expenses and income with balance sheet.
    7. Bank accounts and its transaction logs – saved and entered manually.
    8. Reports.
    9. Taxes and custom discount options.
    10. Email notifications for customers.
    11. Auto login and Auto Invoice URLs for ease of access.
    12. Free payumoney gateway integration for Indian customers. Paypal for international customers.

    This is a one time solution for you and also includes one year maintenance of the script for you. We will be taking care of installation and configuration of this solution as per your needs. Does not include customizations, those will be charged extra, however this solution is complete solution for any business or service.

    Complimentary services for this solution:

    1. Option to add staff.
    2. Option to add new employees with custom rules and access.
    3. Option to add notes for future references.
    4. Calendar option with reminders.
    5. Option to add new documents for staff and admin.
    6. Free installation on your domain or on your local system.


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