Email Verification Service


For ₹ 999, we will verify 10,000 email IDs with the complete report – you can save money and reduce your bounce rate and avoid getting your Email account Blacklisted. Bulk EMail verification service.

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    Email Verification Service

    Verify your Emails from your Email database, thus saving lot of money and avoiding blacklisting of your company Email ID.


    1. Can verify up to 1 Million Email IDs.
    2. Provide you a complete report of Risky Email IDs, Undeliverable IDs and Deliverable IDs.
    3. Delivered within 24 hours.
    4. 100 % accuracy.
    5. Remove Spam, Fake and Invalid Email IDs.
    6. Also, remove Old Email IDs.
    7. Delivered in .CSV format.
    8. Security suggestions with the risk of email service.
    9. Avoid Blacklisting of Email ID.
    10. Avoid Penalties from your Email Service provider.
    11. Cheapest service in India.

    100 % accurate results and once we deliver the report, no refunds will be made.

    ₹ 999 for Every 10,000 Email ID’s Verification – Order in Multiples for more email IDs.


    1. Once order placed, we will call you for emails IDs – has to be provided in CSV or Excel format.
    2. Once we get email IDs we take a maximum of 24 hours to verify and provide you with a report.


    1. Once the order is placed, we do not provide any refunds.
    2. No revisions what so ever.
    3. All reports and working emails will be delivered in 24 hours or less.


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