Web Hosting Advice

365.00 / year

Get Hosting advice and save money from your existing expensive web hosting bills. For as low as ₹1 per day you get hosting advice for one entire year.

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    Web Hosting Advice for Just ₹ 1 per day

    Save money on your Hosting Bills. have you been spending more money on your website, and want to save money on Hosting Bills, then all you have to do is just order this service and you will get advice for one year.

    1. Existing server or website server analysis.
    2. Save Money on web hosting.
    3. Save Money on Emails.
    4. Save Money on Security.
    5. Gets Tips and Tricks specially meant for a developer or web designer to know.
    6. Support on chat or email – limited to 10 chats or emails a month.
    7. One Free analysis report of the existing website and how you can save money.

    Save Money on your existing Hosting server or plan – Guaranteed.


    1. Once the order is placed, we will send you an Email with all the details on how you can get the support.
    2. You can chat or email or send a support ticket.
    3. All queries will be answered within 2 hours.


    1. Since this is a service charged at just ₹1 per day, there will be no refunds.
    2. All queries will be answered in just 2 hours or less.
    3. Maximum queries in a month will be 10.
    4. This service is limited to one website only.
    5. If you do not save money on the advice we provide you then you get 100% refund and also Free Web Hosting from Aapta Hosting and Free Enterprise Emails for one complete year.


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