Website Security Solution

4,999.00 / year

This is a complete website security solution that help you secure your site from every possible threat on internet. Secure your site the best way and control your site the way you wanted.

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    Thousands of  websites get hacked every day from different online threats, secure your website from all those threats with single solution, this service will get you a premium script installed on your website that will monitor your website for ever.

    This solution has following features:

    1. Spam control.
    2. Malware Scan.
    3. XSS protection
    4. SQL injection protection.
    5. website monitoring.
    6. Proxy detection and blocking.
    7. IP bans.
    8. Blocks bots from accessing.

    A website security solution like no other, control your visitors from spamming and hacking your site. Safe guard your site from every major threat. Once purchased, we will install this on your domain, once installed we will not be able to process refund for this, refunds are possible only before the product installation.


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